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Alaska's Salmon and People: Synthesizing Knowledge and Dimensions
A bitter taste of fish: the temporality of salmon, settler colonialism, and the work of well-being in a Yupiaq fishing village
William Voinot-Baron
Assessing the sustainability and equity of Alaska salmon fisheries through a well-being framework
Rachel Donkersloot, Jessica C. Black, Courtney Carothers, Danielle Ringer, Wilson Justin, Patricia M. Clay, Melissa R. Poe, Erika R. Gavenus, William Voinot-Baron, Carrie Stevens, Mike Williams, Julie Raymond-Yakoubian, Freddie Christiansen, Sara Jo Breslow, Stephen J. Langdon, Jesse M. Coleman, and S. Jeanette Clark
Linking landscape attributes to salmon and decision-making in the southern Kenai Lowlands, Alaska, USA
Coowe M. Walker, Dennis F Whigham, I. Syverine Bentz, Jacob M Argueta, Ryan S King, Mark C. Rains, Charles A Simenstad, Chris Guo, Steven J. Baird, and Conrad J Field
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087